Town of Waterford, NY

65 Broad St.
Waterford, NY 12188

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Town Planning Board Meeting

Town of Waterford- Planning Board     Rescheduled from May 9, 2022

65 Broad Street

Waterford, NY 12188


                                                                                                                              Agenda for May 17, 2022 

6:30 PM   Joint Public Hearing with Zoning Board of Appeals

  1. 45 Columbus Avenue – Jerry Powers is seeking an area variance for a front yard setback of 10 feet.  He proposes to construct a 1352 sf two-story addition to his existing 1196 sf residence.  Since the addition is more than 25% larger than the existing structure, § 161-84 A(4) of the Town Code requires that the project also be subject to Planning Board site plan review.  The addition represents a 213% increase to the size of the residence.

 7:40 PM    Regular Meeting

  1. Site Plan Review - 45 Columbus Avenue – Jerry Powers is the applicant. (See above)
  2. Site Plan Review – 291 Hudson River Road – David Livarckuk proposes to convert a single-family home into office/storage space for a roofing company. There will be no store front (and no exterior sign).  There will be no customers coming to the site.  Parking will be provided for 5 to 6 vehicles and trailers in the rear along with material storage.  A 30’ x 30’ carport will also be built on the back of the building.

Notice of Public Hearing

Notice is hereby given that the Zoning Board of Appeals and the Planning Board of the Town of Waterford, New York, will hold a joint Public Hearing at the Town Hall, 65 Broad Street, Waterford, New York, on May 17, 2022 at 6:30 P.M. in the evening to hear comments concerning an application regarding property owned by Jerome Powers at 45 Columbus Avenue. The applicant intends to add a 1352 sf, two story addition to an existing house that is 1196 sf. A new basement garage will also be part of the addition.

As a result, the Zoning Board of Appeals needs to grant an area variance for an insufficient front yard setback. In 2020, a front yard setback variance was granted for a new porch at the same property.

The Planning Board is also required to conduct a site plan review per Section 161-84 A(4) of the Town Code since the addition will increase the size of the home by more than 25% (an actual 213% increase).

The property is bounded by the following:

To the North Seth Reynolds & Lauren Fetsko 43 Columbus Avenue
To the East Daniel & Dorothy Knight Sr 86 Davis Avenue
To the South Mark Forchilli 47 Columbus Avenue
To the West Town of Waterford (Sugarloaf Pond) 65 Broad Street

All parties in interest and citizens will be given an opportunity to be heard at this Public Hearing.

This Notice of Public Hearing is given pursuant to Article 16 of the Town Law. By order of the Zoning Board of Appeals and the Planning Board of the Town of Waterford, New York.

Carl Benoit, Acting Chairman
May 2, 2022

Tuesday 17 May 2022, 06:30pm