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Special Meeting of the Waterford Town Board

Verizon’s Request for the Town of Waterford to Enter into a Master License Agreement (MLA’s) to Allow Small Cells for 5G Enhanced Wireless Services

Verizon Wireless has approached the Town to enter into a Master License Agreement (MLA) to allow small cells for enhanced wireless service. Municipalities are expected to benefit from small cell technology within the next few years as companies like Verizon begin the process of laying the groundwork for an infrastructure that will support small cells for wireless communication. What is a small cell? It is a mini cell site with a radio, antenna, power and a fiber connection that augments Verizon’s network in a given area. Small cells are short range cell sites used to compliment larger macro cells (or cell towers). The antennas and radios are typically placed on existing vertical structures, including utility poles and street lights and often go unnoticed. Small cell antennas, which can be as small as a backpack, are big on capabilities such as improved 4G and 5G wireless capacity, coverage, voice quality, reliability, and data speeds to meet the growing needs of data consumption.

Verizon has been deploying small cells in their network across Upstate New York to increase capacity and improve service. Although small cells are complementary to the network, in the future, 4G and 5G networks will depend less on large cell towers, and more on a number of small cells and sensors sending and receiving data.

To facilitate the expansion of small cell technology, the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) has implemented a number of mandates that municipalities are bound by. The regulations provide criteria for approval/disapproval of the small cell towers, time limits for approving permits, and limits on what are reasonable fees to charge for permits and annual pole attachment licenses.

Aesthetics will be an important factor in locating the small cell poles. The Town is allowed to develop an Aesthetics Design Standard to minimize the visual impacts when siting the poles. Small cells have a range from a few hundred feet up to 1000 feet depending upon topography, capacity needs, etc., which means that many small cell towers could be necessary in certain locations.

To jumpstart the creation of the necessary infrastructure, Verizon has reached out to a number of municipalities in the area, including Waterford. The purpose of the outreach is to partner with the municipalities to bring enhanced wireless services to the area. Verizon currently has MLA’s in place with major utility companies to attach its equipment to the utility companies’ poles and the next step is to enter into MLA’s with the municipalities. The MLA would allow Verizon to work in the public right-of-way (ROW), set up a streamlined process for applications and establish fees to be paid to the municipality on an annual basis per pole attachment.

Going forward now with a MLA will mean that the Town will be more likely to receive small cell technology sooner than later. It is coming and those municipalities that defer action will lose out to a much later date on having enhanced service for its residents and businesses. It is to the municipality’s benefit to collaborate with wireless providers in setting up the ground rules for which small cell poles can be reviewed, approved and installed where appropriate. As a result, the Town has created a task force to work with Verizon in developing a MLA that will benefit both parties.

Town of Waterford Police are recognized by the New York State Department of Criminal Justice
Town Supervisor Jack Lawler announced that on September 3, 2020 the Town of Waterford Police
Department received the prestigious New York State Department of Criminal Justice Services
(DCJS) “Accredited” standard during a remote ceremony conducted in Albany. The accreditation
process recognizes professionalism in law enforcement by establishing progressive and
contemporary standards of performance and practice.
The Waterford Police Department earned its first designation in 2010 and again in 2015. This current
designation remains in effect through 2025. Continued accreditation is based on annual review and
onsite inspection which measures adherence to established practices and successful implementation
of new guidelines as issued by the DCJS during the five-year term.
The Town of Waterford’s Police Department stands along with 183 other agencies out of 600 state
wide to earn accreditation.
Congratulations to the officers and staff.

The Town of Waterford's 2016 Comprehensive Plan is available for review. Please note the adobe pdf file is large and takes time to download. Click on the following link to access: 

A new link has been added to the Town of Waterford's website that allows access to the Town's Online Tax Search System.  If you would like to find your Town Tax Bill online, please go to

Press Releases:


Special Needs Registry

A Special Needs Registry is being established for the residents of the Village and Town of Waterford. The purpose of the Special Needs Registry is to make Emergency Service personnel aware of residents with special needs in the event of an emergency. Residents with Special Needs are asked to download a

on the Town website and submit it to the Town of Waterford Police Department.

Employment Opportunities Available:

Following is a list of Employment Opportunities in the Town of Waterford   



Local Laws, Propositions, Public Meetings, Public Notices and Hearings:

In compliance with NY State directives for the containment of Covid – 19, there will be no admittance to Town Hall for any meetings until further notice. The Waterford Town Board will be conducting all public meetings virtually using Zoom technology.  Zoom is an online audio and web conferencing platform, that allows livestreaming events as well as providing teleconference access.

The public is invited to monitor the meetings by downloading and installing the free zoom software on their computer or mobile device. A link to the meeting will be posted here on our website that will allow access to the livestream meeting. A phone number will also be posted for those that want to call in rather than accessing via the internet. As per our usual practice, the public will be invited to offer comments and questions at the end of the meeting.

All meetings conducted via zoom will be recorded in their entirety. The recording will be posted on the Town website for future pubic access. If you have questions regarding this process please contact the Town Clerk’s Office at 518-235-8282.