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Waterford, NY 12188

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Town Board Meeting - Moved to Wednesday 11/4

The Public is now invited to attend Town Board Meetings, Town Agenda and public meetings in person. Attendance will be limited to 25.  Attendees are required to wear face masks, practice social distancing, and will be required to sign in for contact tracing purposes. Those individuals that are uncomfortable attending the Town Board and Agenda meetings in person can continuing monitoring the meetings via teleconference by calling 1-518-694-5646 and then entering the identification code 310506 when prompted to do so. As per our usual practice, the public will be invited to offer comments and questions at the end of the meeting.


                                              TOWN BOARD MEETING

                                                   November 4, 2020

     1.Call to Order and Call of the Roll            


  1. Communications and Petitions            


  1. Action on the minutes of previous meetings as follows:

Town Board Meeting of October 6, 2020 and Agenda and Special Meeting of October 27, 2020


  1.        Committee Reports
  1. Financial Report and Submission of Bills and Petty Cash
  2. Committee on Highway, Wastewater Treatment, Water Authority, Cemetery and Museum
  3. Committee on Public Safety, Emergency Services, and Liaison to Village
  4. Committee on Veterans, Grants and Funding, Special Projects, Town Hall and Seniors
  5. Committee on Youth, Playground, Pool, Festivals, Library, WHUFSD, and Visitor Center
  6. Supervisors Report5.           General Orders                                                                                          
  1. Resolution to approve 2021 Budget
  2. Resolution to reappoint BAR member
  3. Resolution to approve bids of surplus equipment
  4. Resolution to authorize attendance at Canal NY meeting
  5. Resolution to appoint Building Inspector


  1. Other Business                                                


Tuesday 03 November 2020, 07:00pm