Town of Waterford, NY

65 Broad St.
Waterford, NY 12188

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Planning Board Meeting

Town of Waterford

Planning Board

65 Broad Street

Waterford, NY 12188

Agenda for January 13, 2020

7:00 PM Agenda Meeting

  1. Town Board re-appointed David Woodin as Chairman for 2020. Dave has served as a Board Member for 32 years since 1988 and as Chairman since 1997.
  2. Town Board re-appointed Robert Lefebvre as a member for a five-year term. Bob has served as a Board Member for 31 years since 1989.
  3. Re-appointment of Harriett Fusco as Board Secretary. Harriett has served as the Secretary for plan stamping purposes since 2006.
  4. Reminder to sign Oath of Office by January 31st.
  5. Saratoga County Planning Conference to be held on February 5th. Woodin, Wendth and Fletcher are registered to attend.
  6. Status on Subdivision/Zoning Update.

7:30 PM Regular Meeting

  1. Lot Line Adjustment – In September 2018, Christine Grattan subdivided 88.78 acres on Fonda Road into two lots: a 5.13 acres homestead and an 83.65 acres vacant parcel. Ms. Grattan has now agreed to convey part of the vacant parcel (less than ½ acre) to two abutting neighbors in order to enlarge the rear portion of their properties. As part of the lot line adjustment, John & Dorothy La Combe of 96 Fonda Road will purchase 11,406 sf (0.26 acres) of property and Eugene & Gail Guertin of 98 Fonda Road will purchase 10,109 sf (0.23 acres) of property. The remaining Grattan parcel will be reduced to 83.16 acres.
  2. Site Plan Review – IUE CWA Local 81359 received a special use permit from the ZBA in December 2019 to convert a former snack bar at 301 Hudson River Road
Monday 13 January 2020, 07:00pm